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Junior Coaching

The objective is to deliver a coaching package that will take juniors from beginners to having a handicap and able to play in club competitions. We split the coaching into three stages: –

1. Stage 1: Juniors with no handicap or not ready for a handicap
2. Stage 2: Juniors who want to have a handicap this year
3. Stage 3: Juniors with handicaps

Stage 1 Controlled by the club’s PGA licensed level 1 coaches and will take place over 9 evenings before the summer holidays and 6 evenings after the summer holidays. The coaching will take place on a THURSDAY evening (6pm to 7pm prompt).

The cost for participating in this coaching is £40 payable at registration. There has been no increase from last year. Coaching will take place from the 3rd of May to the 28th of June inclusive and from the 16th August to the 20th of September with the final meal and presentation happening on the 27th of September.

Stage 2
Stage for juniors who want to have a golf handicap by the beginning of the summer holidays or higher handicap juniors who want a kick start to their season.

Coaching will consist of 6 sessions and will start on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th May at 5pm for 45mins. If there are sufficient numbers then two sessions will be run. Coaching will be taken by the club professionals.

Juniors who want to have a handicap by the beginning of the summer holidays need to commit to putting in the effort required to achieve this. If you wish to take up the offer of this coaching then IGC expects you to practise in addition to the managed sessions. We will be monitoring your progress.

IGC will also arrange for members to be available so that you can go out on the course to play for your handicap. Please contact Ian Tweedie or Bob Boardman if required.

As an incentive to playing for a handicap, juniors who are successful will receive a voucher for 2 free individual lessons from the club golf professionals. The hope is that using these lessons will help lower your handicap.

The cost for participating in this coaching is £45 payable at registration. There has been no increase from last year.

Stage 3 (Juniors with Handicaps)

If you already have a handicap then IGC will help to plan a coaching scheme in conjunction with the Club’s professionals which will meet your individual requirements.

Please Note: If you have a handicap, you do not need to register on the 20th of April.

The club is very keen for all juniors with handicaps to play in all competitions for which they are eligible. If you are in any doubt, please contact the Club professionals.


A registration form requires to be completed by your parent/guardian and taken to the registration meeting (with payment) to be held on the 19th of April between 6pm and 7pm in the upstairs clubhouse lounge. Could we ask you that your parent/guardian takes care when providing contact details to ensure that we have accurate email and mobile phone numbers as this is the method we will use to update you on the coaching programme. This is very important as we use this information to communicate vital information on the coaching programme. Please ensure information is legible.

Also attached is a copy of the junior night rules and guidelines. Please read and understand these. We expect all juniors to follow these rules and if you don’t you may be asked not to return to the coaching evenings.

The main focus of our coaching is to provide a fun and safe environment so please help us to help you by attending the registration evening and taking part in the coaching on offer.

Request to Parents & Guardians for help

To allow us to deliver coaching we have PGA level 1 qualified coaches, however we also need helpers on evenings to help with the supervision of the juniors. Without your help we may not be able to deliver the full coaching program. If you feel you can help us, then please come forward and we will produce a rota so your input is kept to a minimum.

Inclement weather arrangements

If we have to cancel outside coaching because of inclement weather then a decision will be made at 5.00pm on the night of the coaching either to host within the clubhouse area or to cancel outright. To find out if the coaching is on or off then please contact either the club staff 01463 239882 or one of our lead coaches.

Please note that only registered juniors will be able to participate in any of the coaching sessions.

IGC Coaching Consent Form.
IGC Rules for Coaching.


Junior International Match v Rya Golf Club (Sweden)

Links with the Rya Golf Club, Helsingborg, in southern Sweden were formed In 2010 thanks to contact made with our club by John Grant, the son of former Scottish Boys Champion, Jimmy Grant who moved to Sweden to live. The matches have provided a great opportunity for the players to experience team golf and different cultures and have fostered a strong international relationship between the two clubs. There was a great thrill for the Inverness team in 2011, when former Celtic legend, Henrik Larsson, presented the trophy and spent some time with the team. A keen golfer, Henrik is a member of the Rya Golf Club.

The next match at Rya Golf Club is not yet scheduled, but will not be played in 2018.

2016 RYA

2014 at Rya GC Rya 11.5, Inverness 12.5 Click the link below to view 2014 Rya Pictures.

2012 at Inverness GC Inverness 17, Rya 7

2011 at Rya GC Rya 8.5, Inverness 15.5

2010 at Inverness GC Inverness 9.5, Rya 14.5

Golf Scholarships

For further information on golf scholarship opportunities, please click United Sport USA.

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