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Junior Coaching

Our coaching goal is to offer tuition to all our junior members. We hope to have a coaching package that will take juniors from beginners to having a handicap and able to play in club competitions. The structure for coaching is split into following stages:

Stage 1 Juniors with no handicap or not ready for a handicap

Stage 2 Juniors who want to have a handicap within 1 year

Stage 3 Juniors with handicaps

Stage 1 will be delivered by our 10 Clubgolf volunteer coaches.
Those in stages 2 and 3 will receive tuition from our PGA Professionals. In 2016 we had up to 60 boys and girls attending our sessions and there were a number of players who gained their first handicap.

Coaching 2017

Coaching details for the 2017 season can be viewed by clicking here.  Please click here to download a coaching application form.


Junior International Match v Rya Golf Club (Sweden)

Links with the Rya Golf Club, Helsingborg, in southern Sweden were formed In 2010 thanks to contact made with our club by John Grant, the son of former Scottish Boys Champion, Jimmy Grant who moved to Sweden to live. The matches have provided a great opportunity for the players to experience team golf and different cultures and have fostered a strong international relationship between the two clubs. There was a great thrill for the Inverness team in 2011, when former Celtic legend, Henrik Larsson, presented the trophy and spent some time with the team. A keen golfer, Henrik is a member of the Rya Golf Club.

The next match is scheduled for 2018 at Rya Golf Club.

2016 RYA

2014 at Rya GC Rya 11.5, Inverness 12.5 Click the link below to view 2014 Rya Pictures.

2012 at Inverness GC Inverness 17, Rya 7

2011 at Rya GC Rya 8.5, Inverness 15.5

2010 at Inverness GC Inverness 9.5, Rya 14.5

Golf Scholarships

For further information on golf scholarship opportunities, please click United Sport USA.

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