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Inverness Golf Club was formed on Tuesday 13th November 1883 at a “meeting of gentlemen interested in the formation of a Golf Club.” The meeting was held in the Caledonian Hotel, where the first President, Lord Lovat, granted the privilege of the Muir of Ord for the purpose of playing golf, with an entry fee of 5 shillings, which included the year’s subscription.

The rules and regulations of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews were adopted and another twenty further rules which form the basis of the present Constitution. The inaugural game was played at the Muir of Ord on Saturday 17th November 1883.

During the next few years there was a continuous search for more land. In October 1885 at a Council meeting in Inverness Castle, Culcabock was proposed as a possible site as a small piece of land had been acquired there, and with arrangements made to remove whins and develop the site, the first nine hole medal commenced on Saturday 13th February 1886. The standard scratch score was fixed at 32.
Acquiring more land at Culcabock continued to be a problem as a reasonable golf course was impossible until extra land became available. Consequently, at the A.G.M. in the Caledonian Hotel in October 1892 the Council submitted their proposal to build a golf course at Longman. The proposal was carried and the Longman was open for play on April 15th 1893.



A rebirth of interest in Culcabock was beginning to take place as land was becoming available which offered development opportunities. Negotiation for the land was successful and as a result a Clubhouse was proposed and agreed for Culcabock and formally opened at the end of 1895. Just 13 years after the original clubhouse was built at Culcabock, a new modern clubhouse was built and opened in 1908 by Mrs J Birnie.

During the Second World War the 11-15th holes had to be cultivated but were restored in 1946. In 1954 a new landmark was achieved when the Council approved Sunday play. The Club’s founders set off in tweeds and played their featheries and gutta percha with their baffies and cleeks. The successive office bearers brought ability, enthusiasm and an unselfish sense of responsibility to the duties so freely given when they assumed office, resulting in the fine course and clubhouse enjoyed by members and visitors today.

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