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Golf Course Improvement Works

2018/19 Winter Programme

The following programme of work will be carried out by the Greenkeeping Team over the winter period.

Capital Plan: Course improvements.

We have drafted the second year’s Capital Programme based on

  • the essential winter maintenance works needed around the course;
  • the implementation of the new greens renovation programme recommended by the Sports Turf Research Institute; and
  • the introduction of the recommendations from our Course Architect,
    Stuart Rennie, regarding health and safety, tree management, bunker improvements and improving most of the Par 3 holes.
Focus continues over the 3 year period on par 3s, greens, bunkers and tree management:
Course Improvement chart IGC

Hole by Hole

Hole 1
a. Fill bunker at back of green.
Hole 3
a. Remove selected trees and high brash remaining trees on right hand side (RHS) of fairway (29 trees to be removed of which 21 will need stump grounded).
b. Cut tops of trees on LHS near green to near fence height (external contractor required).
Hole 4
a. High brash trees on LHS side at approximately 380 yards from tee to improve sight of 5th tee.
Hole 5
a. High brash trees on RHS of new yellow tee.
b. Remove Laurel at back of green and bank over stumps.
c. Remove tree directly behind green.
d. Plant 2 new silver birch trees adjacent to existing one (LHS) behind green.
Hole 7
a. Sort path from back of green to 8th tee (Plan to lay base then pack down on top with number 1 aggregate. Slope toward fence for drainage and put in extra step half way down path.)
Hole 8
a. Remove remaining dead Elm trees.
b. Remove squint tree on RHS of fairway.
Hole 9
a. Remove approx. 12 poplars on LHS before burn.
b. New ladies tee to be built, reducing the length from 180 yards to circa 150 yards (provisionally, weather dependent)
Hole 10
a. High brash trees to RHS to enable sight of 16th fairway and 17th tee.

Hole by Hole

Hole 11
a. High brash trees RHS 150 – 250 yards
Hole 12
a. High brash trees RHS front of green
b. Remove gorse RHS full length of hole and spread bark chips
c. Remove Sycamore saplings
Hole 14
a. Remove approx. 9-10 trees on bank at RHS
Hole 15
a. Remove trees/bushes on RHS off yellow tee
b. Remove all Spruce trees and tidy up bushes at back of green
Hole 16
a. High brash trees RHS of fairway
Hole 17
a. High brash trees RHS (as 10th Hole)
b. Remove both bunkers on RHS
Hole 18
a. Remove 1st bunker on LHS. Make 1 large bunker out of remaining 2 bunkers.
b. Remove trees and roots at bunkers on LHS – bank remaining roots

Boundaries along Culcabock Road
a. Cut/remove/stump grind majority of trees.

a. Additional sand – bunkers to be edged and filled with new sand before start of next season

General Maintenance.

Greens: Greens to be aerated with AIR2G2 and lightly top-dressed. A constant check will be made throughout the winter months for outbreaks of disease (fusarium) and will be treated with a preventative spray as required.
Tees: Tees (including practice tee) to be aerated and top-dressed.
Fairways: Fairways to be aerated and over seeded as required.
Pathways: All pathways will be checked, weeded, edged and resurfaced ready for the new season.
Fences: All boundary fences and safety netting will be checked and repaired.
Hedges: All hedges will be trimmed.
Machinery: All machinery to be stripped down and cylinders sharpened.
Painting: Course benches, tee markers, etc to be painted or varnished.

2018 Greens Programme

As part of the recommendations from the STRI we undertook Graden work on the greens in September 2018 to maintain the quality of our greens and make them firmer. Here is a selection of photographs of the Green keeping team and volunteers undertaking the necessary work:

IGC Graden commences
IGC Graden Machine
IGC Martin seeding
IGC Graden Sand

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