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Golf Course Improvement Works

2016/17 Winter Programme

The following programme of work will be carried out by the Greenkeeping Team over the winter period. This includes improvements to some path areas, improvements to bunkers, the lopping of branches on trees to improve sightlines and general course maintenance.

11th Hole Facilities

The new toilet facilities on the 11th hole has started with the site being prepared.

Inverness golf club New toilet work 12th

General Maintenance

Greens: In November all greens to be verti-drained to a depth of 10/12 inches using a solid ¾ inch tine. After verti-draining, greens will be rolled using turf iron to even the surface. A constant check will be made throughout the winter months for outbreaks of disease (fusarium) and will be treated with a preventative spray as required.
Greens to be spiked with ¼ inch solid tines every month and will be lightly sanded, weather permitting.

Tees: All tees (including practice tee) to be hollow tined to a depth of 4 ½ inches. Tees will then be verti-drained to a depth of 6-8 inches and top-dressed with sand.

Bunkers: All bunkers will be edged and trimmed with areas turfed ready for the new season. New sand is to be added with all existing sand moved to establish a level as possible playing area. Greenside bunkers at 17 mentioned above will be stripped back and reshaped with new sand added.

Fairways: All fairways to be slit tined. 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, and 14th fairways to be also verti-drained.

Trees: All dead trees will be removed and replaced, where appropriate. Trees to be thinned out as required. General lopping of branches around the course.

Burn: All large stones to be put to the sides or removed from the burn.

Pathways: All pathways will be checked, weeded, edged and resurfaced ready for the new season.

Fences: All boundary fences and safety netting will be checked and repaired.

Hedges: All hedges will be trimmed.

Machinery: All machinery to be stripped down and cylinders sharpened.

Painting: Course benches, tee markers, etc to be painted or varnished.

Equipment Cleaning -New Grate complements shoe and equipment cleaning compressor. Aimed at keeping area in front of clubhouse tidier:

New grate equipment compressor

3rd hole roots IGC

Roots at the 3rd Turfed.

Hole by Hole

Hole 3 – Tree roots on fairway, adjacent to first left hand bunker near the green to be dug out.

Holes 3/4/5 – Cores from greens to be used to cover surface tree roots in the rough.

Holes 5/6 – Path leading to 6th tee has been dug out and replaced with soil and turf with rubber matting on top: looking good –

New path 5th and 6th holes inverness golf club

Holes 6/7 – Path leading to 6th green and 7th tee to be dug out and replaced with soil and turf with rubber matting on top.

Hole 9 – Area to left of the green to be lifted and levelled off to prevent puddles forming at the side of the green.

Hole 12 – Trimming of bushes and branches to improve sight lines from 12th tee. We will also engage contractors to cost the realignment of the first section of downhill path from this tee to reduce the gradient.

Path now completed in January 2017 and reduction in slope should be beneficial:

Inverness Golf club Course Improvements Hole 12 new path

Hole 17 – Both greenside bunkers will be renovated.

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