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Members’ Monthly Draw

Members’ Monthly Draw

We launched a Members’ Monthly Draw with the potential for a member to win £500 as the top prize each month. This prize money will increase every month if it isn’t won. Please find rules of draw opposite.

The launch was on Saturday 1 April, 2017, in the clubhouse, with tickets sold between 7.30 – 8.30pm and the draw made at 9.30pm.

You must be there when the draw is made to win the jackpot.

It is our intention to conduct the draw on the last Friday of each month, switching to the Saturday when the last Friday clashes with another event.

IGC Members' monthly draw

Rules of the Monthly Draw.

1. The Members’ Monthly Draw is for Members Only (over 18 yrs) who may purchase tickets.

2. Tickets can only be purchased on the evening of the draw between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

3. Tickets £1 each – no limit to amount of tickets that can be purchased per person.

4. Each draw will take place at 9.30pm on the last Friday of each month (this may be subject to alteration but advanced notice will be given).

5. Winning ticket holder must be in the Clubhouse at the time of the draw – if you have left clubhouse you will forfeit your chance to win.

6. Holder of the winning ticket may select one envelope from 20, each of which will contain a prize. One envelope will contain the jackpot & the remaining nineteen a £25 certificate to be credited to your card.

7. If the jackpot is not won in the 1st draw, then the winner of draw 2 selects from only 19 envelopes and this reduction in envelopes continues until the jackpot is won.

8. Prize money (initially £500) will be increased after each draw by 50% of ticket profit until it is won thus, the longer the major prize is unclaimed, the value increases and the odds improve of the nightly winner scooping the jackpot – it could be you !

9. Full accounts will be kept.

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