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Gents Competitions

Club Championship 2017.

Club Championships 2017
Scratch Champion: David Joel.

Handicap Champion: Eric Brown.


Left to right in the group picture – Kerri Harper, Lynne Fraser, Sally Rowan, Irene MacLean, Gordon Fyfe (President), David Joel, Graeme Daun, Eric Brown, Alan Dougal.
Front – Ewan Neil, Ethan Ramsay, David Oddy, Calum Daun.

Gents Fixtures

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Competition Notes

All Competitions must be entered in advance.Entry sheets for Saturday and Sunday Competitions shall be displayed on the Notice Board at 8:30 am on the Thursday 16 and 17 days respectively prior to the date of the competition. Starting times and partners will be balloted. Players will arrange their own partners and use the daily starting sheet for the mid-week Medals.
The maximum handicap allowance for Monthly Medals, Stablefords, Spring Meeting, Autumn Meeting and Brinckman Cup will be 28. In all other competitions the maximum allowance will be 18.
Details for Open Competitions will be displayed on posters prior to the event. Best second round, Best inward half, etc, will be used to determine winners where necessary.
Match play competitions will be arranged by mutual consent on or before specified date. Failure to play by the specified date may result in disqualification.

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